Some of the best hair care product manufacturers in the world rely on a powerhouse of superfoods and natural ingredients. These are used in various combinations to ensure that your hair, no matter its texture or color, can benefit from their properties. 

You probably already know of the benefits of argan, avocado, jojoba, coconut, and shea butter; but did you know that nature provides us with a host of other ingredients? These are used in various combinations in some of your favorite shampoos and conditioners so that your hair is always manageable, nourished, and shiny. 

Read on to find out which these ingredients are: 

is a naturally derived molecule that thrives under the harshest conditions in the depths of the ocean in hydrothermal vents. It helps to reduce irritations and has anti-allergic properties. 

Aloe Vera
A succulent plant that generously offers its gel from its leaves. It has been used for many centuries in China, Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, and Mexico for herbal and cosmetic preparations. In hair products, it helps to stimulate hair growth, boost scalp health, rejuvenates dry and damaged hair, and gives the hair a lustrous shine. This is because it is antibacterial, has antioxidants and it contains amino acids and proteolytic enzymes. 

Rich in procyanidin and this natural compound supports a healthy scalp and hair. 

plays an important role in the body because it helps to convert food into energy. It is one of the B vitamins and is found in foods. Biotin is vital to the metabolic process and it helps in the production of glucose and fatty acids. It cannot be stored by the body because it is water-soluble and a shortage leads to hair loss. You can eat the right foods for stronger hair, but adding biotin to hair care products encourages hair to be healthier and stronger, especially if you color it and heat style it often. 

Brazil Nut Oil
comes from the Amazon forest and is packed with Vitamins E, A, C, D, B, and antioxidants. Besides being rich in fatty acids, it also contains proteins, fiber, copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, and selenium. It is a nourishing oil that delivers nutrition without weighing the hair down. 

Cactus Extract
has essential vitamins and minerals that encourage healthy hair. It does this by nourishing each strand and follicle to encourage growth and shine. 

Camellia Oil
is derived from a wild variety of camellia japonica and it comes from pressing the seeds of the flower. It is rich in fatty acids, especially Palmitic and Omega-6 Linoleic and it is not only a powerful antioxidant but an excellent hair emollient. It promotes glossy hair and helps the hair retain moisture, leaving it soft, manageable, and easy to untangle. 

may seem like something that you would not be willing to put on your hair, but its residue on the hair results in increased body and texture. This is because it causes friction between the strands. It is especially used in dry shampoos, but it is increasingly used in shampoos that balance the hair. As they cleanse and draw out impurities and sweat, they do so without stripping moisture from the hair. 

 like clay, leaves a residue on the hair that increases friction between the strands. This increases its body and gives the hair a richer texture. It is used in shampoos, dry shampoos, and pomades. 

is not new to the haircare industry. Curly, wavy, and tighter curls benefit from the hydration it offers. Figs are rich in vitamins C, E, and K, all of which help to maintain healthy hair. They are high in calcium and this helps with the formation of collagen for hair growth. Figs are also rich in magnesium which slows down hair loss. Fig seed oil is high in oleic, linoleic, linolenic, and other fatty acids which help to make it easier to detangle hair. 

is great for hydrating hair, and it helps clear flakiness and itchiness of the scalp. On the ingredients list of shampoos, you will see it as hydroxypropyltrimonium. That is what sticks to hair to hydrate it but never leaves it feeling sticky. 

is not only good as a vegetable; it is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. When used in hair care products it encourages luster along the whole hair shaft.
is a fruit that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. It is packed with nutrients and used in shampoos and conditioners to promote hair growth. It also has an anti-deposit effect which helps reveal the natural shine of hair. 

is the finely ground powder from green tea leaves. It is high in antioxidants and is used in combination with other natural ingredients to protect the hair from environmental damage. 

is a fast-growing plant that has most of its nutrients in its leaves. However, all its parts are edible and it is a powerhouse of nutrients that promote thick healthy hair growth. It also eliminates the adhesion of pollution to the hair, promotes shine, and makes it easier to comb. 

Murumuru Butter
is derived from the nuts that fall from palm trees in the Amazon forest and is a rich emollient that softens the hair and locks in moisture. Hair becomes more elastic and its hair color is boosted. 

is a vegetable sugar that has anti-aging properties. The lipids in the sugar provide support and flexibility because they contain collagen and elastin. They are also good emulsifiers so that ingredients with different solubility can combine properly. 

Rice Bran Oil
is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. In hair care products it helps to nourish the hair, helps control frizz, makes hair more manageable, and thicker. It gives the hair a naturally soft feel and a lasting glow. 

Rosemary Oil
is a product from the wonderful herb that not only smells great but also helps prevent hair loss and shedding. It is as good as minoxidil in promoting hair growth. 

Royal Jelly
like honey is great for your hair. Taken from the beehive, it is rich in vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. It nourishes the scalp and hair ensuring faster growth. It also gives hair great volume. 

is one of the main ingredients used in shampoos because it helps to control the oiliness of the scalp. New studies are showing that the extracts from various seaweeds are powerful in the fight against hair loss. 

Sea Salt
helps to purify hair from residues of pollution, oils, and products. It also helps treat oily hair, dandruff, and it promotes hair growth. It also holds hair beautifully and is used in styling products, especially for natural curls. 

Stinging Nettle
leaves are rich in both silica and sulfur which give hair a shinier and healthier appearance. It is one of the oldest known treatments for combating hair loss and it helps with hair regrowth. 

Sweet Orange Peel
is packed with vitamin C and is also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It helps with various scalp issues and to soothe dandruff. It is an excellent moisturizer for brittle hair and encourages hair growth. 

Tea Tree Oil
is antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal and is a soothing ingredient for dry scalps. 

Tamanu Oil
is a great UV blocker and has antibacterial qualities that calms inflammation and reduces sebum production. It is great for treating flakiness and dandruff. 

Vegetable Glycerin
acts as a humectant and allows the hair to absorb moisture from the environment which helps to improve dry hair. Vegetable glycerin also helps make it easier to comb tangled hair or curlier hair. It is used as a base ingredient in hair care products, especially shampoos and conditioners. 

has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent properties. It is also high in fatty acids and it is a super hair cleanser. It also soothes scalp conditions that lead to hair loss and reduces the appearance of dry and damaged hair.  Sometimes, people who want to lighten their hair use a strong yarrow tea solution. 

is a bright citrus fruit from Japan that is like lemons. It has a refreshing fragrance and is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C, which boosts collagen. This is especially useful for the hair because it helps it maintain elasticity, smoothness, shine, and growth. It leaves the hair and scalp fragrantly and clean.