At Ella Mae, we want your hair to benefit from some of the most truly natural ingredients, and Argan oil is one of these. From this classic oil loved by the women of North Africa, we have created a shampoo and mask that celebrates the properties of argan oil. We invite you to read all about argan oil and what it offers your hair.

The Benefits of Argan Oil on Your Hair

The argan tree is native to North Africa, and it grows in the southwestern region of Morocco. The oil is often referred to as “liquid gold” because of its wonderful properties. It has been used by Berber women for thousands of years. Its oily kernel yields a thick oily paste when pressed. The oil is then extracted from the paste and can be used in the kitchen and for cosmetic purposes. Argan oil is very high in antioxidants, but also contains fatty acids and vitamin E. It is polyunsaturated fat, and its fatty acids include oleic and linoleic acid.

The benefits of argan oil: Its 7 great actions

The quality of the argan oil is vital to the product and in Ella Mae Argan Shampoo and Mask it is the star ingredient.

1. Dry scalp and dandruff

Argan oil is a wonderful conditioner and soothes inflammation and irritations. If your scalp is dry, itchy or you have dandruff, then an Argan oil-based shampoo and mask are the ideal way to soothe these conditions.

2. Shinier hair

The high concentrations of fatty acids in Argan oil help give your hair a fantastic gloss. Argan oil also makes it easier to style your hair, leaving it softer, shinier, and frizz-free.

3. Protects your hair

Thanks to its high vitamin E content, argan oil helps increase the elasticity of your hair. This helps make hair less prone to breakage muchstronger. You can comb it and style it without worrying.

4. Powerful antioxidant

Thanks to its vitamin E content, argan oil is a powerful antioxidant. It helps to protect your hair from UV and environmental damage.

5. Incredible detangler

Like avocado oil, argan oil has smaller molecules that can penetrate the hair cuticle. As your hair absorbs the oil, it becomes softer and less prone to tangling,
and far easier to comb.

6. Goodbye to damaged and frizzy hair

The omega fatty acids vitamin E in argan oil adds moisture to your hair. The moisture helps to seal damaged shafts and to protect the hair from further damage. Vitamin E strengthens and heals, while the fatty acids smooth the ends and prevents frizz.

7. Fantastic color

Argan oil protects the exterior cuticle of your hair and prevents damage to its natural pigment (melanin). If you love to color your hair, argan oil protects it from the harsh effects of hair dyes. It not only enhances hair quality but helps to
preserve your new hair color.