Welcome back everybody, it is great to see you again.

Today I am very excited because I am going to show you how to straighten and treat your hair at home. When I say straighten, I mean that your hair will look just like it would with a salon keratin treatment.

This is a great new product I got from Ella Mae France. It is called Nigelle Botox Treatment and it contains the magical oils from the nigella seed, which many of you know as black cumin. One little secret about nigella seed oil is that it encourages hair regrowth.

Nigelle Botox Treatment is gentle on your hair because it is not a chemical treatment like salon Brazilian blow waves are. Let me get right into showing you how amazing this product is.

I am going to wash my hair with a cleansing shampoo that I will leave in for 10 minutes before rinsing. I will not condition my hair. After shampooing, I will let it dry naturally to almost 80%. Let me go do it, and I will see you in a while.

Show influencer with wet hair that is almost dry.

As you can see, my hair is about 80% dry now. The next step is to work the Nigelle Botox treatment into each strand. I do this by working small sections at a time. You can afford to be generous with this treatment because as you apply it your hair is prepared to readily absorb the amazing nutrients from the Botox and nigella seeds. When I have finished applying the treatment to all my hair, I will leave it to finish drying naturally before I straighten it with my flat iron. I will apply heat protection to my hair, but it is optional.

Show influencer with the flat iron in her hand and hair almost completely straightened.

I am almost done. Let me finish straightening this last section. As you can see, my hair is looking very straight without looking limp. What I also love is that it also feels so nourished and it has a lovely lustre.

Nigelle Botox Treatment is a lovely hair straightening treatment you can do at home. It saves you money and hours of your time. And remember, it contains natural elements and it is paraben and sulfate-free, so you are saving your hair from damaging chemical treatments too. Depending on your hair type, the treatment will last for a few washes before you need to repeat it.

I hope you enjoyed that. Until next time everybody.