Ella Mae Hair Care Ingredients

The proof is your incredible healthy hair results

Murumuru butter
Moisture & Protect

A large amount of lauric acid penetrates the hair shaft. Ideal for retaining hydration and closing the cuticle to prevent hair from damaging chemicals.

Tsubaki oil
Retain moisture

A unique transdermal carrier that improves the capacity of skin and hair to retain moisture.

Hair Regeneration

It operates by smoothing the overlap cells to create hair strands, promoting hair growth, regeneration, and general hair health.

Sunflower Oil
Improve Hair Health

Contains oleic acid, which may prevent hair breakage and make hair seem to grow quicker and aid in calm dandruff and soothe an itchy scalp.


Prevent Hair Loss

A good source of vitamins A and D and omega-3 fatty acids help create healthy sebum and keep hair from drying out and breaking off.


Aloe vera
Protection from UV damage

A high concentration of proteolytic enzymes that heals and repairs damaged cells in the scalp enhances the health of hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Soy Protein
Repair damaged hair

It protects your strands from further damage and aids in the improvement of hair texture, strength, and healing of damaged hair.

Restores dry hair and scalp

Coconut milk's inherent fatty acid profile is very hydrating, restoring both dry hair and scalp.

Reduces breakage

It is an excellent hair moisturizer due to its emollient and humectant qualities. Emollients moisturize the hair follicles and give lustre to drab hair.

Desert date oil
Increase hair elasticity

It includes a high concentration of essential fatty acids combined with unsaponifiable, which provide antioxidative, regenerative, and repairing qualities to hair.

Baobab Oil
Moisturize and Strengthen

The rich omega-3 fatty acid content helps to hydrate dry hair while also strengthening weak, brittle hair.

Coconut Oil

Organic Mud
Reduces inflammation on the scalp

It is an excellent detoxifier for natural hair, assisting in removing impurities and leaving your hair very clean.


Amla Oil
Stimulate hair growth

It promotes hair development while preventing hair loss and premature greying.

Flax Seed Oil

Sweet almond oil
Soften and Strengthen

It can soften and strengthen your hair. In addition, it is high in vitamin B-7, often known as biotin, which helps to maintain hair and nails healthy and strong.


Castor oil
Increasing flexibility

It lubricates the hair shaft, improving elasticity and reducing breakage.


Vitamin E
Reduce oxidatively

It strengthens the scalp and provides a solid foundation for hair growth by decreasing oxidative stress and maintaining the protective lipid layer.

Green Tea Extract

Increase follicle growth.

It increases the rate of follicle development by stimulating keratin synthesis in the hair.

Blackseed Oil
Prevents Graying

Because of its high content of thymoquinone and antihistamine properties, it promotes hair growth in thinning regions.


Blueberry Glycol
Moisture & Strengthen

A high source of vital fatty acids and phytonutrients, it efficiently moisturizes and improves hair elasticity and heals, strengthens, and moisturizes the hair and scalp.


Snail Slime
Moisten & Repair

It includes Snail essence and vitamins, proteins, and amino acids, and it may quickly provide nourishment to hair, moisten hair cores, and heal damaged hair.


Softens & Growth

Rose water's vitamins A, B3, C, and E, stimulate hair development by hydrating the scalp and promoting hair growth.

Peppermint Oil

MonoÏ oil
Reduce Hair Loss

It adds radiance and lustre to the hair and has a high concentration of vitamin E, which improves elasticity and strength.

Pomegranate Extract

Barbary Fig
Softens & Protect

It contains phytosterols and revitalizes dry, brittle hair by smoothing strands and adding gloss.