Wild Fig Botox Treatment

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Refreshing and Soothing scalp, Ultimate Hair Repair Aloe Vera Mask

£99.99 £64.99 -35%

Wild Fig Botox Treatment

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Refreshing and Soothing scalp, Ultimate Hair Repair Aloe Vera Mask

£99.99 £64.99 -35%
  • Benefits of Using Wild Fig Botox Treatment

    Our Mission

    At Ella Mae, we aim to offer you hair products and treatments with natural ingredients that benefit your hair in every way. Our new hair treatment was created to bring you a hair straightener that is both fast and effective and great to use at home. This amazing hair straightening treatment frees you from spending long hours at the salon undergoing chemical keratin treatments.

    You can now have a similar treatment to a Brazilian blowout at home, even during the lockdown. Besides straightening your hair, the treatment also benefits it because of the amazing properties found in the Wild Fig Botox Treatment. Wild fig and Botox make a winning combination when it comes to treating and straightening your hair.

    The 6 Incredible Benefits of Wild Fig and Botox Treatment for Your Hair

    The fruit of the wild fig is packed with a variety of minerals and powerful antioxidants. These include calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and a whole lot of vitamins. These include the vitamins C, E, K, and B6. These properties provide your hair with moisture, strength, and help to keep it detangled.

    Botox in hair products is a combination of effective hair fillers, smoothers, and frizz reducers that work the same type of wonders to the hair as Botox fillers do on the skin. They help to prevent the signs of ageing in the hair.

    When wild figs are combined with Botox, the make a powerful natural hair straightener, but at the same time they treat your hair too. Depending on your hair type, the time between treatments can be between a week and a couple of weeks.

    1. Natural hair straightener

    Combined, the benefits of the two ingredients encourage your hair to react like it would to a Brazilian Blowout. Botox is a hair filler and smoother, and it fills in each individual hair strand. The application of a cleansing shampoo left in the hair for 10 minutes opens the cuticles allowing them to absorb the treatment. As you straighten your hair with the flat iron, the results are immediately visible.

    Most importantly, this is not a chemical keratin treatment. Unlike salon treatments for hair straightening, Ella Mae’s Wild Fig and Botox Treatment does not contain rely on a chemical reaction with formaldehyde. This is a chemical-free natural hair Brazilian blowout.

    1. Ultimate hair hydration

    Fig extracts are used in hair care because they are highly effective hair conditioners. They not only keep the hair in excellent condition but also hydrate the scalp and help detangle the hair.

    1. Prevents hair loss and hair grows faster

    A lack of proper nourishment can lead to hair loss. All the wonderful ingredients in wild figs, especially vitamins C and E, and magnesium replenish the nutrients that prevent hair loss. You will notice your hair also grows faster.

    1. Hair reconstruction

    Combining Botox with Wild Fig promotes hair reconstruction. Damage to the hair is caused by the environment, frequent styling, and other harsh treatments. The hair straightening treatment encourages recovery for this type of damage. The hair regains its volume and shine as the ingredients fill the weak hair strand with conditioning agents.

    1. Goodbye damage and frizz

    The effects of the hydration, moisture, and fillers in the Wild Fig and Botox Treatment are ideal for treating damaged and frizzy hair.

    1. Volume and gloss

    Once you have completed the treatment to straighten your hair, you will be amazed at the volume and shine. This is because hair Botox helps to fill and smooth each damaged strand and instantly revives its volume and shine.